Nelson BC Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant Aaron Ander

Iridology Intro - $80

From an image of the iris we assess reflexes to the body.  Iridology can see health holistically as organs and tissues that show signs of healing or degeneration.  

Benefits of a Health Overview:

  • Begin to uncover ways to address symptoms in your body
  • Learn about how your body works
  • Initial recommendations based on constitutional health
  • Referrals to complimentary modalities
  • First step towards a full client program

Full Health Intake $120

In this introductory meeting we will review your health goals, assess your health history, and provide some practical ways you can begin to take better care of your health.  Iridology health assessment is optional in this overview.

Benefits of a Full Client Package

  • Two appointment visits for health intake and program delivery
  • Program research and development
  • Three months of support for any new program
  • New clients can apply their fee towards membership

Wellness Package - $250

This includes a health intake and assessment. A basic health program that looks at nutrition and supplements for health and well-being will be offered.  I am available for three months of support Including a follow-up when the program is complete, and for food support.  

Benefits of Annual Membership

  • Follow-up appointment and review of program
  • One full year of support
  • Appointments available as needed
  • Review at year end to assess ongoing health goals