Nelson BC Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant Aaron Ander

Natural Medicine and Depression

How Do I know that I have Depression? Your family doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist will diagnose you based on your specific symptoms. Once a diagnosis is made, then you have true clinical depression.  If you suspect you have depression, a visit with your doctor might help to determine where to begin treatment. Does Blood Sugar

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Adrenal Gland Fatigue

Stress, Sugar Cravings, and Adrenal Gland Fatigue I want to talk about STRESS. When we push ourselves past the boiling point, warning lights and sirens go off. Stress is anything really, from pollution in our city air, to internally produced activities like obsessing. Some things we can control about how stress affects us and others

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Nutrition for Hyperactivity

Symptoms of Hyperactivity Hypoglycemia is a condition of blood sugar metabolism which if prolonged can lead to adult onset diabetes. * Hypoglycemia is a condition which exists in part because of the refinement of grains and sugar. If the food we eat raises our blood sugar too quickly, as is the case with many refined foods,

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