Holistic Health Explained


Natural remedies are used to help bring balance to the body. Symptoms are treated with diet and supplements so the mind can maintain a steady balance. Vitamins and minerals can have great benefits to the nervous system and the brain.

The Foundation of all Human Health is Nutrition

Each living cell in the human body consumes nutrients, makes energy, produces products, disposes waste, and reproduces. Each time a cell divides, produces an enzyme, or activates a hormone, energy is consumed. This energy, which we call ATP, is made from vitamins which act as co-enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of nutrients. If any one nutrient is missing from the cell life, vital functioning will stop.

The body requires nutrients from food.  Our plants grow in the soil which is a source of minerals that we need to stay healthy.  Only plants can transform these vital nutrients into a form which our body can handle.

Organic food, grown in ideal conditions, allow for the plant and animal to provide us with all the building blocks we need for life.


Our mental attitudes influence our health. By helping to determine the quality of our thoughts, we begin to shift our attitudes towards a positive light.  The mind is also supported by specific nutrients that support brain activity, and by avoiding substances that interfere with balanced mental functioning such as excess stimulants, depressants, and simple refined foods.


The first step in healing is identifying negative belief systems and choosing to live positively. Only when we become aware of negative belief systems do we shift the illness.  One negative belief held in mind has the power to weaken the entire body.  Creating positive belief systems will alter the strength of the body, brain function, and an overall sense of happiness.