Nelson BC Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Consult with Aaron

My goal is to empower you in your relationship to healthy living.  Consulting is only one step toward self-empowerment.  A dedication and commitment to yourself is required.  Each step is meaningful toward the goal of well being, but the first step is the hardest.  Make a stand for your own well being and decide to live each day as it were meant to be lived.  

Adopt a Positive Outlook

Our thoughts effect the way we feel.  Positive thoughts generate positive feelings.  Negative thoughts diminish a sense of well being by lowering our overall energy.  By choosing to focus on what is virtuous, enlightening, and healing we change the way we feel and experience life.  


Learn and Grow

Strive toward knowledge of health, of the body, and of lifestyle.  There is always more to learn.  Mistakes long the path are part of the learning and can be the best lessons which lead to successful healthy living.  Illness can be a learning experience which leads to healing and a new foundation of living.