Nelson BC Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant Aaron Ander

Holistic Health Care

Natural Path Healing is a holistic, complimentary way of improving health.  This service integrates modalities such as Nutrition, Herbal Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals, and other natural therapeutics that work ALONGSIDE your existing treatment plan.  Together we will work to create a way forward to health and well-being.  

Starting on your Path

Reaching healthy goals can be a lifelong pursuit.  My aim is to guide and assist you in walking the healthiest path for you.  It is my belief that you deserve balance, happiness, and freedom from suffering.  With a plan of action you can begin to feel good about your choices while we build health together.    

The first step is the hardest because of the commitment required to follow through.

First 30 Minutes Free

Lets get to know each other and begin the conversation.  My goal for our telephone meeting is to explore what your health needs are and to begin a process of deciding what path is right for you.

First Appointment

The process of understanding your health challenges begins with an in depth health assessment.  Together, we will look at all the contributing factors that determine your health including lifestyle, diet, health history, family health, medication, supplements, any symptoms you experience and any diagnosis you have been given.  Some recommendations will be given based on this initial meeting.

No Barrier Health Care

I will not turn away clients on the basis of prejudice, discrimination, or biases.  My ideal client is one who is ready to make changes to their lives, their attitudes, and their relationship to their body, for a more healthy one.  As a practitioner I can also help to advocate for my clients while navigating complex medical needs, in an integrative and complimentary approach, for holistic wellness.  I am glad to work alongside your doctor to find ways that can enhance the success of conventional treatments.

Are you experiencing financial hardship? Please contact with me to figure out a way to make these fees more realistic for you.  No person will be turned away on financial terms alone.  Call me at 250-551-4233 to talk about a plan to get help and begin to feel better.