Nelson BC Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant Aaron Ander

Save money on your health

Have you ever calculated how much money you spend each year on your health?  From health insurance, to clinical appointments like massage, chiropractics, and physiotherapy, to nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals,and other health products.




I can save you money on health…

By helping you to choose the right nutritional supplements for you

By helping you to choose the right health practitioners for you

By helping you tocreate a diet that supports your health

Extended Health Benefits

Some companies offer wellness packages included in their health plan. Holistic Nutrition with an ROHP may be covered.  Please inquire about an insurance receipt for claiming after our appointment.  

If your plan does not cover this service, we can still make use of the other services covered.  Part of my commitment to you is helping you to take full advantage of the wellness services covered, by helping you to find practitioners that will support your healing or help to keep you well. 

First Appointment - $120

In this introductory meeting we will review your health goals, assess your health history, and provide some practical ways you can begin to take better care of your health.  Iridology health assessment is optional in this overview.

Follow-up - $80

Following our first appointment we begin to take steps towards building a health program that includes diet and supplements.  Learn how your body can benefit from a combination of therapies that treat the underlying cause of your symptoms.   

Wellness Package - $250

Let us begin with this simple package.  You will have one month of support to try out a new healing program designed for you.  

We will meet once to get started  and once at the end to re-evaluate.   We will also touch base halfway through the month to check in by telephone.