Nelson BC Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant Aaron Ander

Approximately 20% of Canadians experience some form of mental health disorder.

Anxiety can come from many places such as:

  • Stimulant drugs
  • Refined sugar
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Over working
  • Relationship insecurity
  • Over-stimulation from the media

Anxiety Medication

Anxiety is the most common mental illness identified in the lives of Canadians.  1/4 of all Canadians will experience some form of anxiety in their lifetime.  Are these rates on the rise?  Over 70% of Canadians feel they suffer from some kind of mental health issue.  What do we all have in common?  Rising personal debt, lowered nutrition overall, increased toxic chemicals from our environment, electromagnetic radiation, pollution, and chronic degenerative illness.  Where is there a place that we can get some rest and healing?

Support the Mind with a Healthy Diet

Medication seems to offer us a good solution – we can continue to live the same lives without having to change anything. With the medication we feel better, but the problems in our lives persist.  How long can we medicate while we continue to live in a state of reality that is debilitating and stressful?  Something’s got to give. If this story sounds familiar, it is because medication does not fix life problems.  Too often we are told that we will have to take medications our entire lives.  What can we do to change the way that we feel so that medication is only a short term solution?  There must be a way to heal anxiety naturally.