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Aaron Ander CNP, ROHP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner

Diploma in Holistic Iridology

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New Clients – What to expect


The time to begin a new journey towards health is now – in every decision we make, beginning with the commitment to start.

Starting on your Path

Reaching healthy goals can be a lifelong pursuit.  My aim is to guide and assist you in walking the healthiest path for you.  It is my belief that you deserve balance, happiness, and freedom from suffering.  With a plan of action you can begin to feel good about your choices while we build health together.    

Welcome to my professional home page.  I am so glad you decided to learn about your health.  I have made it my life’s work to study health, practice healthy living, and teaching others how to take charge of their health.

My goal is to empower you in your relationship to healthy living.  Consulting is only one step toward self-empowerment.  A dedication and commitment to yourself is required.  Each step is meaningful toward the goal of well being, but the first step is the hardest.  Make a stand for your own well being and decide to live each day as it were meant to be lived.

New Client - $120

In any new this introductory meeting we will review your health goals, assess your health history, and provide some practical ways you can begin to take better care of your health.  Iridology health assessment is optional in this overview.

Wellness Package - $250

First 30 Minutes Free

Lets get to know each other and begin the conversation.  My goal for our telephone meeting is to explore what your health needs are and to begin a process of deciding what path is right for you.

Follow-up - $80

Following our first appointment we begin to take steps towards building a health program that includes diet and supplements.  Learn how your body can benefit from a combination of therapies that treat the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Professional Membership

International Organization of

Nutritional Consultants 

Diploma Holistic Nutrition

Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Special thanks to:

Darko Prce – Biosis Health Care

Dr. David Pesek – Holistic Iridology

Betsy Vourantoni – Circle Centre for Health

And all my mentors, teachers, and professional supports


Published Works

Fast Food from Scratch

Feb 18, 2020

It seems the whole world has gotten into a rush and there is no time for simple home-cooked food anymore. Everything we eat seems to be ready made, conveniently packaged, pre-washed or prepped in advance. Making food from scratch isn’t all that difficult and it costs much less – usually it tastes way better and is made with more wholesome ingredients…

Home Cooking for One

Jan 14, 2020

It always amazes me how much more food costs in a restaurant than at home. As a student on a budget, I am constantly surveying the prices of meals out, asking myself if it is truly worth it. The short answer for me is if it’s dipping into credit – no thank you. I will happily make my own kale Caesar salad, grilled bison sandwich, or green smoothie at a fraction of the cost. Learning these skills is easy, but the discipline to avoid charging meals to my credit card is hard.

Is Aaron a Naturopathic Doctor?

In British Columbia and in Canada, Naturopathic Doctors are regulated as physicians who can diagnose and treat disease. Aaron Ander is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, and has certificates in Nutrition and Mental Health, Mental Health and Addictions, and Holistic Iridology. Instead of diagnosis, Aaron provides Holistic Health assessments and treats symptoms of imbalance in the body based on health history and information seen in the iris of the eyes.  Aaron cannot diagnose disease or treat disease as a Naturopathic Doctor would.


Registered Dietitian vs. Holistic Nutritionist

Dietitians work specifically with disease, where Holistic Nutritionists do not.  Holistic Nutritionists can work alongside your doctor as do Dietitians, but the focus is slightly different.  Holistic health practitioners work more generally with wellness rather than by addressing a specific disease.  In this way we create complimentary services to both Dietitians as well as medical doctors.

Do I need to ask my family Doctor before the consult?

Natural Path Healing provides a Complementary Health Care service that works alongside your current treatment plan. Our support plans work in addition to your current health services by supporting your body Holistically.

Medical Treatment can continue alongside diet therapy. Holistic Nutrition addresses  symptom of body imbalance that can be corrected by supporting the nourishment of vital organs, elimination of toxins, removing food allergies, and supplementing nutritional deficiencies often missed by conventional treatments.


Is this service  psychotherapy or counseling?

Counseling is a general term that applies to any kind of counselor who provides direct support for mental health. Psychotherapy is “therapy” for your “psyche”. Aaron’s education is Holistic and draws on several disciplines that together view mental health in a context that includes the physical body, emotional wellness and self-care, thoughts and beliefs, and leads us to an overall experience of peace, serenity, and overall well-being.

Please continue to see your psychiatrist, and continue to take all medications prescribed in combination with this service. The best result come from addressing disease from several angles and with an open mind to changing habits, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.